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Nutrition Information

Wee Care about your child's healthy development and this necessitates high quality, nutritious food and snacks to fuel their growing bodies. In our Monkstown branch all our meals are prepared onsite in our professional kitchen.

RTE main meals are brought over from the canteen. When the meals are prepared fresh ingredients are used. Healthier cooking methods are used e.g. boiling, grilling, steaming, microwaving, stewing rather than frying. Menus are planned so that foods from the main food groups (meat, fish and alternatives group, fruit and vegetables group and bread, cereals and potatoes group) are included every day.

We have a three-week menu which gives plenty of variety for the children and each meal is carefully thought out to include all the food groups. We have a separate menu for our babies and wobblers as we understand their nutritional needs differ from older children. The menu was designed following government guidelines on healthy eating and portion size.

We are aware that if you have a child with food allergies, or intolerances, this is an extra worry when choosing a nursery; be reassured that we are completely committed to keeping your child safe. Alternative meals are provided when necessary and Wee Care has a strict 'no nuts' policy. Children with allergies are identified in the food serving areas and the staff check at each meal or snack time. A list of allergens in every meal is available also.

Vegetarian & Gluten free menus are available upon request.

Sample Menus